Q and A: Javascript Questions By Aaron Connelly
Victory Lane: Two scoops with hot caramel,hot fudge,and lots of peanuts use to be called?
A) Lovealot
B) Fudgealot
C) Carmelot
D) Penutalot
Road Course: Two scoops with hot fudge, diced almonds and shredded coconut use to be called?
A) Coconut enjoy
B) Almond enjoy
C) Enjoy
D) Hot Fudge Enjoy
Cherry Tune Up: Two scoops with wild cherry sauce and hot fudge, use to be called?
A) Hotfudge Bon Bon
B) Bon Bon
C) Cherry Bon Bon
D) Cherry/Fudge Bon Bon
Bump n’ Run: Two scoops with hot fudge and sliced banana, use to be called?
A) Hot Fudge Banana
B) Banana Sky Scraper
C) Banana Split
D) Banana Lovers Delight
Happy Hour: Two scoops with butterscotch,hot fudge,and chopped pecans. use to be called?
A) Electric Slide
B) Chicken Dance
C) Macarena
D) Hockey Pockey
Burn Out: Two scoops with chocolate syrup and Spanish peanuts. Use to be called?
A) Spanish Roof
B) Tin Roof
C) Silver Roof
D) Copper Roof
Caution 2: Our famous caution flag special made with SEVEN scoops. Good Luck! use to be called?
A) The Pigs Dinner
B) The Super Pigs Dinner
C) The Hog
D) The Super Hog
What did you get if you ate a Pigs Dinner?
A) A belly ache
B) A Free T-Shirt
C) A pat on the back
D) A badge that said I was a pig at the House of Flavors
Checkered Flag: Two scoops with marshmallow and hot fudge use to be called?
A) Fudge Delight
B) Marshmallow Fudge
C) White Wonder
D) There was no such sundae
When did you and do you get free ice-cream?
A) On Mother's Day
B) On Father's Day
C) On Your Birthday
D) All of the Above

The Ice-Cream  History Quiz
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